Ann Chery 1045 – Butt Lifter Black - Powernet

A slim waist and a firm provoking booty ! With an Ann Chery Butt Lifter this becomes reality, because the waist and booty get both treated simultaneously.
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Ann Chery Butt Lifter Amalia 1045

  • High quality Powernet with lycra/coton 
  • Keeps your body tense but also keeps it oxygenated
  • A round, sexy butt 
  • Made in Colombia
Corrective underwear for women from Ann Chery separates itself from cheap underwear by its well-considered design, where the soft edges definitely won't give you a tight feeling or leave marks. Your body looks extra tight and with the corrective underwear it sits very comfortable : a combination that guarantees a look of elegance and classy and sexy !
The booty doesn't get covered by the butt lifter, but get a little push of the handy booty pants, which makes you get a round, sexy butt. 

Which size of trousers should I take?

Colombian sizes are smaller than European sizes ! Please consult the  size chart below :