A slim waist like Kim Kardashian by wearing the Waist Trainer

A slim waist like Kim Kardashian by wearing the Waist Trainer

Waist Training has grown rapidly as a means celebrities use to get a slimmer waist. Whether they are wearing the Waist Trainer at the gym or at home while they are relaxing with a cup of tea on the couch. Without fail they post a selfie on their social media accounts. Celebrities want the world to know how they obtained their slim waist.

Kim Kardashian, but also her sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian have admitted that they have obtained their hourglass figure by using the Waist Trainer or Waist Cincher as they are also called in the United States. Kim Kardashian uses her Waist Trainer when exercising at the gym or during her beauty sleep. No stone stays unturned in her quest to obtain the so desired hourglass figure.

We gave a blogger a Waist Trainer to test the Waist Trainer for us for a month. Our candidate was quite skeptical when it came to the Waist Trainer, regardless of the great results celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian have claimed to achieve.

Nonetheless she was more than happy to test the Waist Trainer for us and record the results that she achieved.

Week 1
The first morning I rise 15 minutes earlier to make sure that I don’t get late to work. After 15 minutes of struggling with the Waist Trainer before I finally get it wrapped around my waist, I realise I made a good call rising a bit earlier. When I finally have my Waist Trainer on, it is super tight, but not unbearable. I was told that I should only wear the Waist Trainer for a few hours the first few times, so I decided to start with 3 hours. I was pleasantly surprised that the morning flew by and it was time to take the Waist Trainer off. During that first week, I wore the Waist Trainer every day for a few hours. Going about my day to day business was fine, only bending over was a bit hard.

Week 2
With great motivation, I start my second week. My experience wearing the Waist Trainer in week 1 was fine. I did not find that wearing the Waist Trainer was unbearable. With increased self confidence, I decide that I can move to the second set of hooks. I had in fact received a 3-hooks Waist Trainer from Latexwaisttrainer.com. Wow...this was a lot tougher. I was happy that I had a light breakfast and I was planning to roam the city with a friend for the rest of the day. Standing up the Waist Trainer is much more comfortable than sitting down. This makes sense, because when you sit down your belly expands forwards, which makes for a more uncomfortable feeling. It is not pleasant, but I am determined to wear the Waist Trainer for a whole month and share my experiences with the Waist Trainer as I promised.

Week 3
I have been wearing the Waist Trainer daily now for about 8-10 hours. My body has gotten used to it and actually starts to appreciate an extra firm latex skin around my waist.

Week 4
This is my last week and I move to the third set of hooks. Since it is the last week I try to go full steam ahead. I try to drink more water than I usually do, because I also want a good discharge of my toxins. I am extremely busy at work with important meetings, so the week flies by. I have worn the Waist Trainer faithfully for 28 days, but wat results have I actually obtained?

Experiences Waist Trainer
Before I started, I measured my waist and my measuring tape read 87 centimeters around my belly button, so I started with a size XL. The Waist Trainers of Latexwaisttrainer.com go all the way up to 5XL, so everyone can start Waist Training, not matter what size you are. After 28 days, I measured my waist again around my belly button. This time the measuring tape read 83 centimeters. Wow, I lost 4 centimeters with the Waist Trainer without doing any extra exercise. I did drink more water than normal. I especially drank a lot of tea. I can’t say anything other than that I am happy that I have given the Waist Trainer a try. Will I continue wearing it? For sure! I am going for size L now. In addition, I find that the Waist Trainer gives a nice silhouette under a dress. I would definitely wear the Waist Trainer. Even if you only want to use it as shapewear and not necessarily to lose weight.


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