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How do you put the Waist Trainer on?

How do you put the Waist Trainer on?

A sweater, for example, does not fit tightly around your body. It is possible that you will easily fit a size M, whether your belly is flat or round. However, this is not the case with the Waist Trainer. If you naturally have a rounder stomach, then it may be possible that you need a larger size or even two sizes larger of the Waist Trainer. The Waist Trainer wraps so tightly around your waist that you really need the right size, otherwise your Waist Trainer will be extremely uncomfortable or the Waist Trainer may not even fit. The Waist Trainer is not meant to be handles with great force. Doing so could mean that you pull the hooks out of your Waist Trainer or that the steel bones pop out of the Waist Trainer. A Waist Trainer does not have an infinite stretch.

We are going to assume for the moment that you have purchased the Colombian Waist Trainer in the correct size. Take the Waist Trainer from its packaging and unclasp the hooks one by one. Wrap the Waist Trainer around your waist. The label of the Waist Trainer should be positioned at the top at your back. Hold both ends of the Waist Trainer in each hand. There should be a space of about 10 - 15 centimetres between both ends of the Waist Trainer when you hold the Waist Trainer on both sides in a normal position. If the space is more than 15 centimetres, then the Waist Trainer is probably too small. If the space is less than 10 cm, then the Waist Trainer is probably too large, which means you can easily adjust the Waist Trainer to the second or third set of hooks after the first time wearing the Waist Trainer. Obviously, you don't want this, as the Waist Trainer is meant to be worn on the first setting for a few weeks before moving on to the second setting.

Once you have verified the distance between both ends of the Waist Trainer, you are ready to fasten the Waist Trainer. Always start fastening the Waist Trainer at the top. To make it easier on yourself, it is helpful to stand in front of a mirror the first few times. This way you can see what you are doing. Pull both ends of the Waist Trainer gently towards the centre. Keep pulling until you can place the first hook over the corresponding clasp. Whew, this is hard... you will probably start sweating. The first hook is always the hardest. Then you can move on to the second hook. Repeat the exact same steps. Pull gently on both sides of the Waist Trainer until you can place the second hook over the clasp and fasten it. From there you can move on to the third hook, until you have done all the hooks. You will notice that the further you go, the easier it gets to fasten the hooks of the Latex Waist Trainer.

An alternative method that you can use is to lie on your back. If you feel that putting the Waist Trainer on while standing is too tiring, you can choose to do this while lying down. This is especially helpful for women who have a bit of a tummy. Your stomach is flattest when you are lying down, which makes it easier to put on the Waist Trainer. The only disadvantage is that you do not have a mirror, so you will have to fasten it blindly.

Wrap the Waist Trainer around your waist first, then lay on your back on your bed or couch. Take hold of both ends and pull gently on the Waist Trainer until you can place the first hook over the clasp. Repeat this for the second hook and then move on to the third hook until you have reached the end of the Waist Trainer.

And voila the Waist Trainer is on. Now you know how to put on the Waist Trainer!


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