How to wash a Waist Trainer?

How to wash a Waist Trainer?

You wear your Waist Trainer everyday, so at some point you do want to start washing the Waist Trainer. The one question that remains is, how do you actually wash the Waist Trainer?

Can you place it in the washing machine or dryer? Below we will explain what the best way is to wash and take care of your Waist Trainer Corset, thus making sure that you can enjoy your Waist Shaper as long as possible.

You cannot wash the Waist Trainer in the washing machine. The Waist Trainer contains steel bones, which could break in the washing machine.

You cannot place the Waist Trainer in the dryer. The Waist Trainer are made of 100% natural latex and hence will shrink a lot if you place them in the dryer. The dryer is also not suitable for the steel bones that are part of your Waist Trainer.

The Waist Trainer cannot be ironed. The Waist Trainer is made of 100% natural latex and will promptly disappear if you put a hot iron on top of it.

You can wash the Waist Trainer by hand. The best way to do is, is to take a bucket of lukewarm water with a little bit of detergent. Make sure you soak the Waist Trainer a few good times in the water with the detergent and rinse the Waist Trainer afterwards with cold water.

You can dry the waist trainer on a drying rack. Place the Waist Trainer horizontally on your drying rack and allow to dry naturally. When the Waist Trainer is completely dry, it is ready for use!


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