Esbelt, The original Brazilian Shape wear since 1960

Esbelt's Brazilian Bodywear was designed to celebrate beauty. It's a unique technology that fuses a thin layer of cotton with natural rubber, into a light, one piece, single layered compressive fabric, with flexible spiral steel bones. The fusion technology of the Brazilian body wear, offers superior shaping results and long term benefits to help shape not only your curves, but your confidence. Sexy, bold and empowering the Esbelt collection is here to enhance your body and enhance your life. It will reduce inches from your waistline in seconds, improve your posture, and literally reshape your body. like most Bossa Nova songs Esbelt Brazilian Shapewear was carefully crafted to inspire you.

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The Brazilian premium brand Esbelt is the oldest producer of waist trainers and shapewear. The ES062 Waist Trainer is the ultimate training accessory to help you reach the waist of your dreams. Forget endless crunches, this waist trainer is your secret we