LaFaja – Colombian Latex/Spandex Waist Trainer - Black -

Stimulate fat burning while working out !
You can use these special waist trainers for working out without having any problems. Sport waist trainers are more flexible, lighter and more adaptable, so you can practice every sport you want to do.
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LaFaja Latex/Spandex Waist Trainer Black / New Model 

  • 100% natural latex sandwiched between the cotton inner lining and the smooth outer layer ( perfect underneath your cloths & for workout)
  • Soft, Coton lining
  • 4 steel bones, flexible
  • 3 - hook system
  • Flexible, lighter, more adaptable in comparison to the traditional waist trainers
  • For soft sports and daily use
  • High Compression
  • Made in Colombia

    When ladies wear a waist shaper, then it sits tight around their waist and belly, and creates a kind of personal private sauna. The heat makes that the waist trainer can burn obstinate and local fat more quickly. Besides that, waste and other impurities get driven off by aroused sweat. Result ? A smaller waist, a flat belly and visually bigger breasts and booty. You've never felt so sexy !

    A waist trainer of good quality supports the back as well; enjoy a more straight position and less back complaints. The waist trainers have a hook locking system which makes it possible to tighten it more when you lose a few pounds and you can keep track of your progress 

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