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LaFaja – Colombian Latex Sport / Daily use Waist Trainer Black - 9 Bones

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LaFaja Latex Sport Waist Trainer Black / New Model : 9 Bones

  • 100% natural latex sandwiched between the cotton inner lining and the smooth outer layer ( perfect underneath your cloths & for workout)
  • Soft, Coton lining
  • 9 steel bones, flexible
  • 3 - hook system
  • Flexible, lighter, more adaptable in comparison to the traditional waist trainers
  • For soft sports and daily use
  • High Compression
  • Made in Colombia

A sport waist trainer is the ideal tool to get the most out of a workout session. You can use these special waist trainers for working out ( intensely ) without having any problems. 

When you wear a waist trainer during workout, the temperature rises steadily in that zone and the compression of belly fat gets generated. This mini sauna from your waist to your breasts stimulates, besides the natural effects of excercising itself, fat loss. In this way you can tackle your trouble zones, you'll lose a couple of pounds faster and your breasts and booty will show off more than ever with such a slim waist !

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