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LaFaja - Colombian Waist Trainer 3-hooks for men

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Guaranteed a flat stomach! Read the reviews of our customers.

This is the # 1 seller of the original Colombian Latex Waist Trainer ! The Waist Trainer is the ultimate item to realize your desired figure. You can wear the Waist Trainer at any time of the day. During your work, when you exercise, but also under your best suit!

How does it work?

You confirm the Waist Trainer around your waist. The waist shaper provides compression of your waist and stimulates heat and transpiration without being bothersome. This process ensures that toxins and impurities leave your skin and mobilize your fat cells. The Waist Trainer helps you to burn fat. Already many men wear a waist trainer during fitness, sports ... as an extra stimulant and also  to correct the posture, which in any case creates a better appearance.

The Waist Trainer itself is made of 100% natural latex.

This Body Shaper for men covers your waist completely up to your upper abdominal muscles. The outline is made of soft cotton for maximum wearing comfort. The Waist Trainer is effective from your ass to your breasts and thus provides a nice tight and sturdy figure. The special design of the Waist Trainer ensures that it stays in place and is not visible under your clothes. Wear the Waist Trainer daily 8 - 10 hours for optimal results.

Go for that tough and tight figure and get your own Latex Waist Trainer today!
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What size Waist Trainer do I need?

Measure EU Size

 Belly (cm)

 Waist (cm)
XS 3/44 70 - 75 cm 65 - 70 cm
S 4/46 75 - 80 cm 70 - 75 cm
M 5/48 80 - 85 cm 75 - 80 cm
L 6/50 85 - 90 cm 80 - 85 cm
XL 7/52 95 - 100 cm 85 - 90 cm
XXL 8/54 100 - 105 cm 90 - 95 cm
3XL 9/56 105-110 cm 95 - 100 cm
4XL 10/58 110 - 115 cm 100 - 105 cm
5XL 50 115-120 cm 111 - 116 cm