LaFaja – Colombian Latex Waist Trainer Semi-Vest 3-hooks

If you need extra firmness especially for your back area, we highly recommend the Waist Trainer Semi- Vest! This Waist Shaper is perfect to realise a slim waist like the sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.
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LaFaja Latex Waist trainer semi-vest 

All Waist Trainers are made in Colombia (hecho en Colombia).

  • 100% natural latex sandwiched between the cotton inner lining and the smooth outer layer ( perfect underneath your cloths )
  • 3-hooks and eye closure to fit your size
  • Back and midsection control
  • Increase thermal activity
  • High compression
  • Visible reduced waist line ( 2-3 inches)
  • Excellent support to corrects your posture
  • 4 steel bones - flexible

A waist trainer semi-vest has small straps of microfiber elastane, like a bra, that supports a part of the lower back. At the front of your body it just reaches below the bra and at the back it just reaches above. This combination makes it possible that the waist and stomach get slimmer, and an extra part of the back gets support. The innovative fabric of this LaFaja semi-vest : the latex is sandwiched between the cotton inner lining and the smooth outer layer makes this vest extreme comfortable to wear underneath your clothes to create that gorgeous silhouette !

The latex waist trainer vest make you drop a couple of waist and stomach sizes because of the compression when the tight latex creates heat that mobilizes your fat and sweats other impurities out of your body. Your body instantly looks a lot slimmer at your waist and stomach. Besides that everything fits immediately. The slim down vests are comfortable and when you've lost some fat after a while, you can use the handy 3-hook system to tighten it more after dropping a couple of sizes.

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