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DER® - Titanium Dermaroller 1200 1mm

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The derma roller is besides microneedling  the eyes and the face also for the body; such as your arms, legs, stomach and back. To do this, is to be used a larger dermaroller, namely the dermaroller 1200. The dermaroller 1200 has a much larger surface area and is also longer needles to address problem areas with stretch marks, cellulite and stretch marks well and reduce visible.


The derma roller contains 1200 titanium needles with a length of 1.0mm . The 1200 needles are divided into 20 discs each with 60 diagonally placed needles to apply the correct tension to the skin. During microneedling, the titanium is evenly distributed over the skin and penetrates deep into the skin. This ensures a direct production of collagen and elastin and makes the skin thicker, more resistant and smoother. After several months there is visible reduction of stretch marks, stretch marks, but also cellulite.

Use derma roller? (dermaroller manual)

  • Disinfect the dermaroller before using the dermaroller with at least 80% alcohol. Place the head of the derma roller completely in an alcohol container for about 5 minutes. Then place the derma roller on a clean cloth to dry.
  • Then take the dermaroller in short horizontal, vertical and diagonal movements over your arms, abdomen, legs and buttocks depending on which problem zones you want to tackle. The skin can turn red by micronone, but this pulls away quite quickly.
  • Are you done with the derma roller? After use, disinfect the derma roller with 80% alcohol by completely placing the head of the derma roller in alcohol. Place the derma roller on a dry cloth after 5 minutes and allow the alcohol to evaporate. Then store the derma roller well and safely for the next time you want to use the derma roller.

Cleaning dermaroller (important!)

  • Ensure that the derma roller is thoroughly cleaned before and after use and disinfected with 80% alcohol.
  • The derma roller is for personal use and may not be lent out!


Advantages of dermaroller

  • CE approved medical instrument
  • The skin is not damaged
  • Titanium needles of high quality
  • The diagonal placement of the needles in the derma roller creates more tension on the skin, allowing the needles to slide evenly over the skin during microneedling.
  • Due to the robust design no liquid can enter the derma roller. This prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in the derma roller.
  • Suitable for every skin type and for every age