Sweat Shaper

For weight loss, keep fit; running, gym, yoga, cycling, jogging, barbell lifting.
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S / M
Waist: 68-84 cm
Hips: 88-103 cm

L / XL
Waist: 85-99 cm
Hips: 104-116 cm

2XL / 3XL
Waist: 100-114 cm
Hips: 117-136 cm


S / M
Waist: 76-92 cm

L / XL
Waist: 93-112 cm

2XL / 3XL
Waist: 113-133 cm



Due to the sauna effect and the specially designed fabric, you burn extra fat during exercise.

The vest ensures that locally (stomach, back, shoulders and armpits) you will sweat even more. In addition, you remove many toxins through sweating. This will strengthen your skin.

In addition to falling off the vest, you also immediately stabilize your back. It gives you strength but retains your flexibility.