Stimulate the production of collagen with a derma roller

Collagen gives a firm skin, which makes wrinkles, cellulitis and stretch marks diminish. Combatting skin aging, hyper pigmentation and scars can now be done with a derma roller, an innovative beauty tool that is designed just for that! A derma roller contains hundreds of miniscule pins of medical titanium that penetrate the skin, also called micro needling, that produces collagen and elastin. This ensures that you get a thicker skin and above that gives you regeneration power.

The production of extra collagen by micro needling makes you see a noticeable skin improvement after a couple of months. With a collagen roller your get a very handy tool in house that many women dream of. A nice bonus is that the derma rollers make it easier for skin care products to be absorbed. Smear away!

Can the derma roller be used on different zones of the body?

Depending on the body zone you want to tackle, there are different appropriate derma rollers that take care of the little holes in your skin to give you a thicker skin. If you want to tackle bigger body zones, like your legs, stomach, arms and back, you need to use a bigger dermaroller. You can finally combat those feared stretch marks and cellulitis!

A smaller derma roller with pins of 0.5 mm are best used to diminish wrinkles and thin layers, anti-aging and hyper pigmentation. A smaller derma roller with pins of 0.3 mm stimulates in turn a better hair growth.

Make sure your collagen roller is cleansed before and after you use it, and disinfect it with 80 % alcohol. Besides that, the skin roller is a very personal device and may not be used by anyone else.

How does micro needling give you a better skin?

Micro needling is a recent technique where tiny needles are used to prick little holes in the skin. The skin gets wounded just enough to set-up the production of growth factors. Collagen and elastin will now be produced and don’t only restore the skin; they also make it stronger, thicker, smoother and more resilient.

Pricking holes in the skin may sound a little bit scary, but rest assured: the skin improvement with a derma roller is completely safe, almost painless and side effects are kept to a minimum. In a couple of days your skin can have a red rash after the treatment, but besides that, there aren’t any unpleasant surprises.

Use the dermaroller against wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulitis!

Scars, wrinkles, cellulitis, stretch marks,… are all sorts of skin damages that we rather wouldn’t see on our body or face, but over the years you will get one of these conditions one way or the other. No reason to panic, because with a derma roller you can combat these ailments finally in an efficient and secure way!

After a couple of weeks or months you’ll notice that the skin damages will be less visible and your skin will look more healthier. A dermaroller for the face, arms, stomach, legs, … they all exist!

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Use the Dermaroller 0,3 mm for a better hair growth, against cellulitis, wrinkles and stretch marks !