Hourglass figure with a waist trainer for women

Always dreamt of a slim waist, but you’re having it difficult to get that desired hourglass figure? Then the waist trainer is the best and most simple solution! A waist trainer for women, also called waist shaper or waist cincher, helps you to lose those last few pounds around your waist and belly and gives you your dream body. To give you an idea: famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose and Nicki Minaj all used waist trainers to get their dream body, so why shouldn’t you?

How does a waist shaper help you to get a more slim waist?

You can look at the waist trainer as a modern corset, but one without a string and you can still breath without any problems. When ladies wear a waist shaper, then it sits tight around their waist and belly, and creates a kind of personal private sauna. The heat makes that the waist trainer can burn obstinate and local fat more quickly. Besides that, waste and other impurities get driven off by aroused sweat. Result? A smaller waist, a flat belly and visually bigger breasts and booty. You’ve never felt so sexy!

Shapewear supports the back as well; enjoy a more straight position and less back complaints. The waist trainers have a hook locking system which makes it possible to tighten it more when you lose a few pounds and you can keep track of your progress! Oh and for those who are wondering; ladies can wear the waist trainer without any problems as corrective underwear.

Original Colombian Waist Trainers from Ann Chery and LaFaja

Colombia is the birthplace of contemporary waist trainers, and that’s why we exclusively provide waist trainers from the premium brand Ann Chery and our house brand LaFaja. These brands are world famous, guarantee an excellent quality and are highly convenient to wear. Ann Chery is the most famous and best-selling Colombian brand of waist trainers, and is immensely popular in South America and gradually getting there in Europe as well.

The original Colombian waist trainers contain samples of light busks and medical latex and are patented, so these can’t be forged anywhere else. Both LaFaja as Ann Chery provide waist trainers in different sizes and colors, and each have a different usage.

A slim waist after being pregnant

Childbirth is a natural wonder and you’re immensely lucky when you can hold your baby for the first time in your arms. Unfortunately, being pregnant also has an impact on your body and a lot of women have it difficult to lose their baby weight and train it off. Luckily, there are waist trainers that are an excellent tool to solve this problem! When you start wearing a waist trainer immediately after giving birth, there’s a light compression generated when your body is still recovering. This contributes to a quick recovery after the pregnancy, and you get your slim waist back like before.

Waist trainer ladies online shopping and home delivery service

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LaFaja Latex Waist Trainer ; the #1 seller amongst the original Colombian Waist Shapers : outstanding quality at the best price !


Original Ann Chery 2021 Latex waist trainer, colour Black. The guarantee for excellent quality and highly convenient wear !


Ann Chery is the #1 premium Waist Trainer brand from Colombia. Ann Chery has been a household name amongst Latina women for many years.


Ann Chery is the # 1 premium Colombian brand in the field of Waist Trainers and Colombian Shapewear. Ann Chery has been around for 34 years and is highly regarded by South American women! Lose centimeters immediately around your waist.


New ! LaFaja Latex Sport Waist Trainer with extra Waist belt. Do you want to work out with the Waist Trainer in addition to your daily activities? Latex Sport Waist Trainers are specially developed to support your sportive fitness goals. This Sport Waist


Neoprene Sport Waist Trainer Vests have been specially developed to support your sportive fitness goals through high thermal activity to lose weight super fast. The LaFaja 'Waist Plus' vest with extra compression band around the waist, 7 supportive flexi


If you need extra firmness especially for your back area, we highly recommend the Waist Trainer Semi- Vest! This Waist Shaper is perfect to realise a slim waist like the sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.


Original Ann Chery 2021 Latex waist trainer, colour Nude. The guarantee for excellent quality and highly convenient wear !


Stimulate fat burning while working out !
You can use these special waist trainers for working out without having any problems. Sport waist trainers are more flexible, lighter and more adaptable, so you can practice every sport you want to do.


Colombian Ann Chery Latex Waist trainer semi vest 2028 makes you drop a couple of waist and stomach sizes because of the high compression . Creates a gorgeous silhouette !


LaFaja Zip & Clip Waist Trainer, ideal for ladies who wish to purchase a comfortable Waist Trainer. Wearing the Zip & Clip cincher easily takes 5-10 centimeters of your waist. Available in black and nude. The perfect shaper underneath your outfit !


Neoprene Sport clothing has been specially developed to generate very high thermal activity during your training. You will sweat 70% more, so guaranteed to lose pounds! The LaFaja Sweat Pants fits perfectly on your skin, has a good fit and is extremely li

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