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Corrective underwear keeps everything in place

Wearing shapewear is very popular now and is the right solution to look a tad more slimmer and tighter, and gives you a nice silhouette so everything fits perfectly. The corrective underwear is sexy and fashionable and remains seated the whole day. Besides that is feels comfortable and emphasizes the right zones, like your breasts or booty.

Shapewear from Ann Chery boosts your confidence

In our collection of corrective underwear, you exclusively find products of the Colombian brand Ann Chery. You can wear this shapewear invisibly under your outfit and it makes you shine. The products are made of firm Powernet with lycra, a special and particular qualitative fiber that keeps your body tense, but also keeps it oxygenated, which makes it very pleasantly to wear, and gives you optimal freedom of movement with your perfect silhouette, even during hot weather conditions. Corrective underwear for women from Ann Cherry separates itself from cheap shapewear by its well-considered design, where the soft edges definitely won’t give you a tight feeling or leave marks. Your body looks extra tight and with the corrective underwear it sits very comfortable: a combination where that makes you happy and guarantees a look of elegance and classy!

Let your butt shine with a butt lifter

Many women dream of a slim waist and a firm, provoking booty. With a butt lifter this becomes reality, because the waist and booty get both treated simultaneously. The booty doesn’t get covered by the butt lifter, but get a little push of the handy booty pants, which makes you get a round, sexy butt. Wearing a tight jeans or dress will now always be done with the necessary confidence and proudness. The bottom edge of the black shorts is made of silk and fits perfectly with a naughty set of lingerie.

Full body shaper in Powernet for a beautiful body

Do you want to tackle a bigger zone of your body with shapewear, then the full body shapers of the Colombian brand Ann Chery are your best choice. These are made of firm and oxygenated Powernet with lycra and have a delicate lining that increases the wearing comfort. This corrective underwear for women assures that you lose a couple of pounds in your problem zones and emphasizes your breasts and booty, which makes you feel attractive again! The full body shapers are ideal for daily use, but also after being pregnant or when you’ve had surgery. Go for the skin color version if you want to keep it truly invisible beneath your light, summer outfit.

Body vest with or without a butt lifter

In our range of products, you will find a body vest with removable straps you can attach and adjust freely. With a zipper in the front you can easily close the corrective underwear of Ann Chery by yourself, which is very handy! Furthermore, the discrete opening in the crotch is comfortable for toilet visits; no dress-up parties in the small bathroom anymore! Create a beautiful, firm silhouette and lose in a blink of an eye a couple of pounds around your waist, stomach, thighs and back. The body vest in black and beige are available and fit perfectly with a set of naughty lingerie.

Women who want to buy a body vest and want to emphasize their buttocks a little bit more best opt for a body vest with a butt lifter. Men that dream away by just looking at you: that’s something every lady wants, right? The body vest with butt lifter is available in black.

Corrective underwear online shopping and home delivery service

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