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Waist Trainer Vests for Ladies

What is the difference between a vest and a semi-vest?

Besides a normal waist trainer there is also the waist trainer vest and the waist trainer semi-vest. But what are they and in what aspect do they differ? Waist trainer vests and semi-vests have, in contrast to the classic waist trainers, straps that provide more support. This is bodywear that’s perfect for a slimmer waist and provides extra support for women that need it.

A waist trainer semi-vest has small straps of microfiber elastane, like a bra, that supports a part of the lower back. At the front of your body it just reaches below the bra and at the back it just reaches above. This combination makes it possible that the waist and stomach get slimmer, and an extra part of the back gets supported.

A waist trainer vest has in turn bigger straps that are made of latex and run more over the back. This has the effect that the side of the breasts also get supported and offers more support to a bigger part of the upper back, which has a positive effect on your position. Because the back gets covered more, you also lose extra back fat.

Classic waist trainer or waist trainer vest?

Both the classic latex waist trainers as the waist trainer (semi-)vests make you drop a couple of waist and stomach sizes because of the compression when the tight latex creates heat that mobilizes your fat and sweats other impurities out of your body.

Women that have problems with their lower or upper back are advised to use a waist trainer vest or semi-vest. These vests give you a better position because of the suspenders and give additional support to the back and the side of the breasts (not with semi-vests).
Besides that you can lose some extra (back) fat, because a bigger zone of the body gets covered. A nice bonus if you ask us!

Waist training vest as corrective underwear

Those who are scared of not having wearing comfort can be rest assured; the waist trainer (semi-)vests have a perfect fit. The design of the vest gets completely defined by the shape of the body and connects really well, which makes it easy and invisible to wear as corrective underwear. The latex waist trainer vest for women provides a gorgeous silhouette underneath your clothes and even dresses, which makes you shine everywhere with a big smile!

Lose fat quicker with a slim down vest

Your body instantly looks a lot slimmer at your waist and stomach when you wear your waist trainer vest for the first time. Besides that everything fits immediately. The slim down vests are comfortable and stimulate fat burning and sweats impurities out of your body. When you’ve lost some fat after a while, you can use the handy three-hook system to tighten it more after dropping a couple of sizes.

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