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Pants + Vest: Ultra Sweat Complete Outfit

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Extra Discount for the full 'Ultra Sweat' outfit!


LaFaja High Performance Sweat Vest + Pants Neoprene

  • 80% Neoprene, 20% Spandex
  • Extra high thermal activity
  • Speed-up calorie burning process, eliminate toxins
  • Ultra lightweight with a flexible fit
  • Easy to wash by hand after every workout
  • Colour black

Neoprene Sport clothing has been specially developed to generate very high thermal activity, so that the Sweat Vest during sports makes you lose weight super fast. Moreover, the sauna effect also ensures a very soft skin after every workout. This type of slimming clothing is particularly appreciated by sports enthusiasts who wish to lose weight quickly and comfortably. The ideal workout gear ! Go for the complete outfit if you want to tackle your entire body!

Tip: Simply rinse the vest under the tap after each use and hang it up: dry in 10 minutes. DO NOT wash in the machine!