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ZGTS® – Titanium Dermaroller 540 / 0.3mm /Stimulates a better hair growth / Anti Wrinkles, Stretch Mrks, Cellulitis

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Use the Dermaroller 0,3 mm for a better hair growth, against cellulitis, wrinkles and stretch marks !

Micro needling is a recent technique where tiny needles are used to prick little holes in the skin. The skin gets wounded just enough to set-up the production of growth factors. Collagen and elastin will now be produced and don't only restore the skin; they also make it stronger, thicker, smoother and more resilient. A nice bonus is that the derma rollers make it easier for skin care products to be absorbed. Smear away !

The smaller derma roller with pins of 0,3 mm stimulates also a better hair growth !

Make sure your collagen roller is cleansed before and after use it, and disinfect it with 80 % alcohol. Besides that, the skin roller is a very personal device and may not be used by anyone else.