Getting abs with the Waist Trainer

Getting abs with the Waist Trainer

Everyone wants beautiful hourglass figure with a slim waist, tight round buttocks and also beautiful abs. This is all possible. In this blog post we will tell you how to get abs with the Waist Trainer.

First of all, it is best to use the Sports Waist Trainer when you do abdominal exercises. The Sport Waist Trainer is much more flexible than the black Waist Shaper that we sell. The Sport Waist Trainer is therefore better to use if you want to do intensive exercises when Waist Training. Sporting when using the Waist Trainer is always recommended, because you tend to lose weight even faster, especially around your waist.

We understand that you do not always feel like doing intensive sports. Therefore, we have three exercises for you that you can do while you are wearing the Waist Trainer. You only have to spend 3x15 minutes a week next to your normal Waist Training.

Apart from the fact that a slim waist and a flat stomach look very beautiful, it is also much better for you. Strong abdominal muscles will make your torso more stable and you will be able to lift much easier, be it children, groceries or IKEA furniture. Abs are not only beautiful, but also very functional. Enough reason to get to work with the Waist Trainer!

Exercise 1: Roll yourself up with the Waist Trainer

Lie flat on the floor and place your arms along your head. Your legs are stretched. You make yourself, as it were,  as long as possible. You have the Waist Trainer around your waist. Then you get up in a smooth movement and try to come as close as possible to your toes and then go back and lay flat on the floor. If you are wearing the Sports Waist Trainer, it ensures that you sweat extra around your abdomen, making the exercises especially effective.

Exercise 2: Swing your legs down with the Waist Trainer

When you have the Waist Trainer around your waist, you go and lie flat on your back. Then bring your feet straight up in an angle of 90 degrees. In one smooth motion you push your legs to the floor just above the floor. Then slowly bring up the legs again. Repeat this 10 times. The moment your legs go down, pull your abs together. When you go back up, you feel that your abs relax again in the Waist Trainer.

Exercise 3: Scissors with the Waist Trainer

The last exercise is basically the same as the second exercise, only now while you bring one leg up you bring the other down. Your legs are, as it were, the end of a pair of scissors. This is done in a rapid and smooth pace. You'll feel your abs contract and relax on one side of the Waist Trainer as you bring your abs up and down. Bringing your legs up and down makes you sweat more and this will promote fat burning.

Do these exercises 3 times a week for fifteen minutes and you'll notice a difference when Waist Training. Within a month, you will have those killer abs and slim waist like Kylie Jenner. We recommend however to use the Sports Waist trainer when doing abdominal exercises. Want to know more about the Sports Waist Trainer, please read our other blog post.


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