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Neoprene Sport clothing has been specially developed to generate very high thermal activity during your training. You will sweat 70% more, so guaranteed to lose pounds! The LaFaja Sweat pants fits perfectly on your skin because of the anti-slip neoprene o


If you want a flat stomach, slim waist and tight upper buttocks, but at the same time give your buttocks a boost, then this Ann Chery Butt Lifter is what you are looking for. While the renewed Ann Chery technology of this shorts gives your booty an extra


Colombian Ann Chery Latex Waist trainer semi vest 2028 makes you drop a couple of waist and stomach sizes because of the high compression . Creates a gorgeous silhouette !


New Model HIGH WAISTED Leggings by Gwinner
They give a unique sense of comfort. The high belt emphasizes the waist, fits perfectly with very short sweaters and blouses, while the high waist prevents the leggings from rolling, optically flattens the belly


Neoprene Sport Waist Trainer Vests have been specially developed to support your sportive fitness goals through high thermal activity to lose weight super fast. The LaFaja 'Waist Plus' vest with extra compression band around the waist, 7 supportive flexi

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